Sunday, February 21

Finley's Best Quote Ever

Sorry it's been so long, friends. Life has been moving along quickly - Finley is growing up so fast and she is so much fun. She is sleeping in a big girl bed, potty trained, talking a ton, and loves to dance and sing. She does say the funniest things. I really cannot think of someone I'd rather be with all day, every day. She makes it so much fun. This morning at the breakfast table had to be one of her best moments yet.
Ian: Finley, chew and swallow. Finley: (her mouth stuffed to the brim with a blueberry flax muffin... who knows how she manages to even get a word out, let alone something that we can understand) I can't! My big, big mouth is too full.
In other news, baby number two, Finley's little brother, is due out tomorrow (Monday the 22nd) at 8:00am!

Friday, July 3

Grandma and Papa's House

Grandma and Papa had a slew of toys for Finley to play with when we arrived. And she sure enjoyed wagon rides out in the big back yard. However, her very favorite thing was the kitties. I think that's when we first discovered Finley's love of kitties. She now has a new favorite down at the pet supply store in Edmonds... Tatu. More on that later.

Thursday, July 2

Compo Beach

Westport has some very nice draws for the young family set... including an AMAZING children's section (actually it's a whole floor) at the Westport Library, and the best playground we've ever been on at Compo Beach. Finley had a great time sifting through the sand.

Wednesday, July 1

A quick day in the City

Although Ian and I would have loved to spend more time in the city, we found it a bit more difficult than it used to be. Could it be that NYC is easier when you're without kids? We did take Finley for a quick tour of the Upper West Side, salvaged a cool chair from the curb near my old apartment, went for a romp in Central Park, and had dinner with Yve and Seth at their place in charming Park Slope.

Tuesday, June 30

Yve and Seth's Wedding

We had a great time at Yve and Seth's wedding. The weather worked out perfectly, complete with a downpour just minutes after the outdoor ceremony ended and we were moving inside for cocktail hour. Finley LOVED the dancing. She'd never been to a Jewish wedding before, where the tradition is to lift the bride's mom (and many other people) on a chair and practically toss them into the air. The music was great - actually maybe someone can remind me of the band's name. Klezma? Something? Anyway - Finley had a great time dancing and seeing family.
Bunny went as Finley's date. She's a great dancer.

Thursday, May 14

Close friends

Earlier today we had our friends Suzette and Vivian over to play. They're only two months apart in age, two houses away in distance, and we're hoping they'll be close friends as they get older. Working on a duet...
One of the cutest things I've ever seen was when Vivi and Finley decided they both wanted to hang out in the bed for a while.

Fox Hollow Farm

This week we took a trip down to the cutest equestrian center and farm that I've seen on the West Coast - Fox Hollow. It's in a gorgeous setting, filled with so many animals that you can visit and pet, and really friendly people.
First, a quick visit to Starbucks. Mia's just checking her email while Finley cleans the bagel off Bunny's face.
Mia really likes to feed Finley things to drink.
At the farm, we saw plenty of horses, ponies, the sweetest miniature horse, Daisy, chickens, peacocks, ducks, bunnies, kitties, a couple of baby goats... and baby turkeys (neither Finley or I had ever seen a baby turkey before!) Mia was a big girl, riding on the rope swing in the hay loft. Finley was fascinated with the animals, but her favorite part of the day was throwing rocks into the stream. It's serious business.

Sunday, May 10

Mother's Day

We had a lovely Mother's Day today - and happy mothers day to our moms and mommy friends and friends' moms. Finley's Aunt Diana, Uncle Jared and Great Aunt Bun came over for dinner tonight. Finley was kind enough to do a demonstration of the newest product in her skin-care line: Prune Facial Mask. As you can see, she's very excited about it.
But she doesn't want a lot of media attention before the big product launch, so she was a little sensitive about the camera.
Look how radiant she looks in her new sunglasses and skirt from Aunt Bun, hanging with her Aunt Dinana and cousin-to-be, who is due on July 12th. We can't wait to meet him!

Friday, May 8

In the great green grass

Finley ran up and down this little hill at my parent's place so many times. She thought it was hilariously fun. Ok - she didn't "run" up. She walked up, crawled up and was carried up. But she really did run down.